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As an importer and exporter of travertine, marble, granite, limestone, slates, quarzites and porcellanates, BRINELL S.R.L. supplies both slabs and tiles across the South America and world-wide market. Our office is located in Lima, Perú.

We are specialized in providing our customers high quality materials and competitive prices. Also we are focus on working directly with the people involved in the construction process: architects, builders and home-owners. 

BRINELL S.R.L. produces, sells and installs the following products: 

  • Slabs 

  • Kitchen tops 

  • Tiles 

  • Counter tops 

  • Floor coverings 

  • Vanity tops 

  • Wall coverings 

  • Coffee tables 

  • Table tops 

  • Furnitures combine marble with wood or iron.