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Marble is a crystalline metamorphic rock composed predominantly of calcite and dolomite. On the basis of mineralogical composition marble can be broadly classified into calcitic marble, dolomitic marble, siliceous marble, limestone, onyx marble, travertine, verde-antique, calcareous breccia. Based on colour, shade and pattern the marble has been classified into ten groups

Marble has long been highly valued for its beauty, strength, and resistance to fire and erosion. The ancient Greeks used marble in many buildings and statues. The Italian artist Michelangelo used marble from Carrara, Italy, in a number of sculptures.

Blanco Carrara C 

      Blanco Carrara CD  



Crema Supremo

Botticino Clásico   Blanco Thassos 
Blanco Waterfall Volakas Rosso Verona    Perlatto Svevo
Verde India Marron Emperador   Crema Marfil
Rojo Alicante Spanish gold